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Makeover shows are all the rage, aren’t they?  On TV, streaming platforms, on YouTube… anything from doing up a cottage, renovating an apartment block, even a marvellous motel makeover. But what about a total, doable, body, mind and spirit make-over?

Join Craig for 21 days & discover how to gently recalibrate. How to positively push that mental reset button. Craig will be guiding you through a program that you won’t want to miss. And you know what? So often in life, it’s the simple things, those little things, that make a big difference.

And we should mention, too, that Craig’s 21-day challenge is not a ‘hardcore’, SAS-inspired, body-busting fitness program! Again, it’s the little things that can make a big difference & that’s exactly how we approach the physical activity elements of Craig’s 21-day challenge.

Welcome to Craig’s 21-Day Challenge.

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fitness devotee

Craig fell for physical fitness in his teens & worked in the fitness industry! He still loves his daily workouts.

Mental strength

Craig concentrates on mental matters, the importance of the mind and mental strength that helps with your everyday.

life lessons

Craig wants to share his tips n' tricks to a healthy and balanced life.

Craig Mclachlan when he was young loving live and fitness.

Craig has been a fitness devotee
his entire adult life.

In the early 1980’s Craig enrolled in the ACHPER (Australian Council of Health Physical Education &Recreation) fitness leader course developed by Dr (now Prof) Garry Egger & Nigel Champion, to acquire the necessary credentials to work in the fitness sphere. He enjoyed employment in a number of respected fitness centres training people from all walks of life, including working with competitive bodybuilders & weightlifters.  

From Royal Performances to
Desert Endurance

From singing for Queen Elizabeth the 2nd & trading jokes with HRH Prince Phillip, to surviving Ant Middleton’s SAS selection course in the Jordanian desert! From confidently scaling dizzying heights, to bravely navigating unimaginable depths, to say Craig has lived a life of extremes would be something of an understatement! It would be fair to say, too, that Craig has learned a thing or two along the way! Helpful ‘life lessons’. And he’s eager to share the odd tip n’ technique with you!

Craig Mclachlan on SAS Australia 2023. Cast photo.

Join Craig for 21 days of achievable change!

“You know those days when we feel a bit…off? Not a head cold or hay fever, or a hangover… something else. Something that’s kinda hard to define. All we know is we feel…. blah!

Today, we find ourselves trying to manage in a world that is relentlessly fast-paced. Our lives have become so busy and hectic that we, understandably, work extra hard to keep on top of things. And, of course, that brings with it… stress! And within that stress, there’s stress! And it goes without saying that where there’s stress, there’s anxiety. This all piles up and it’s hardly surprising that we start feeling ‘down’! Fatigued & flat! And from there, it’s very easy to start giving ourselves a hard time psychologically & emotionally.”

Now, the good news is, there are little things we can do every day to help us manage!

Physical & mental maintenance.

“We tune up our cars, we tune n’ tweak guitars, so it’s only right that we look after ourselves and give ourselves a service! To keep ourselves road-worthy, keeping ourselves in tune!”

Craig’s 21-Day Challenge has been designed to help you reset your approach to your days in simple ways.

Each day, Craig will be chatting to you for around 5 – 10 minutes with tips on how to get a head start on feeling good.

Your days will include a walk… and no, that doesn’t mean a 40km hike!  It all starts with a walk and a simple affirmation. Now, how hard can that be?

As the days roll on, the activities increase little by little, with Craig sharing & suggesting tips ‘n techniques to help keep you on a positive path.

Craig’s 21-Day Challenge is about recalibrating our days by degrees.

Keeping it simple, keeping it positive.

And believe it or not, it all starts with a smile.

Craig Mclachlan thinking face LOL.
Craig Mclachlan working out in the gym.
Craig Mclachlan hanging off a helicopter on SAS Australia 2023.

What to expect!

These 21 days are about…


That's life

In a funny sort of way, we’re all like the great explorers venturing into the unknown. And just like those courageous characters, we find ourselves facing unexpected obstacles.

Towering peaks and deep dark valleys.

As Frank Sinatra famously sang, ‘That’s Life’.

And life is an adventure.

So let’s explore it, day by day, in a positive way.

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Also included in Craig’s 21 day challenge


Downloadable original music audio tracks to walk n’ work out to.


Extra instructional & motivational video clips.

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A chance to interact with Craig & other members via a private Facebook group.

"I can’t wait to spend this time with you & see what we can achieve together! And who knows, we may have a laugh along the way!!"
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